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Assist the Executive Director in developing objectives and formulating policies or desirable changes in policies for achieving them as they relate to further developing VIPA’s Aviation product. Direct and supervise the operations of the airport including its terminal, cargo and other buildings within the airport boundaries having a direct involvement with aviation activities, parking places, runways, taxiways and aprons, and the aircraft ramp operations. This also includes various other departments of VIPA. See that airport operations comply with all applicable rules and regulations of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and all other government agencies having jurisdiction over aviation activities, and maintain close liaison with their officers. Ensure the airport is in compliance with CFR Part 139 and ensure passage of the airport’s Annual Certification Inspection. Please email hr@viport for full job description.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/10333219

Entry level position. Performs various duties at Tweed-New Haven Airport as dictated by operational requirements, including responding to airport alerts, snow removal, recording of aircraft movements, performing airport and security inspections. Duties include airside and landside inspections, periodic safety and quality control inspections of aviation fuel storage facility and fueling operations, safety and environmental compliance, emergency response, NOTAM management, wildlife management, and communications duties on an as-needed basis. Communications duties include security system monitoring, responding to Operations and Security related issues.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/10352717